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The stone building dating from 1875, houses the Cantina Sociale, the only existing example and running of XIX century silk factory. By the early '900 works and transforms the olives, the grapes and the grain of our land, in the beautiful scenery of the Alta Murgia.

A treasure chest where all year are preserved and processed raw materials of great value.


oranges tree

Our land is excellence for olive cultivar "Coratina" and the precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil, known worldwide as the best and incredible characteristics.

This is also land of wines DOC Castel del Monte and the extraordinary variety of grapes of Puglia, such as Nero di Troia or Bombino Nero, from which we produce excellent red and rosé fine wines.

In these lands, historically claimed by karst Murgia steppe, all products become excellent; rich land and solar location for the cultivation of cereals that abound on the gentle slopes of the Murgia hills; land ideal for the cultivation of the almond tree, from which we collect and sell the fruit, precious ingredients for sweet recipes from around the world.


More than a thousand members of the cooperative following disciplinary scrupulous for the delivery of agricultural products, olives, grapes, cereals (wheat, barley, oats, etc.), almonds. All quality products that we transform into wine, oil and typical products of the place. Our sales network is continuously expanding throughout the region and nationally, with brand retailers and points of purchase points in selected grocery stores.


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